1 Take, Jeremy’s Journal: A Reflective Week at Ochsner Insurance: Striving for Growth with a 10x Mindset

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Hey, it’s Jeremy’s journal time at Ochsner Insurance, our scratch independent insurance agency. Let’s dive into the highlights of the week ending March 30th, 2024.

Celebrating Successes

Toastmasters was a highlight, where I had the opportunity to speak about a mentor, Dan Carroll, whose wisdom has played a part in shaping Ochsner Insurance. He was once a commercial underwriter and independent insurance agent.  It was a meaningful moment to reflect on the journey. Here’s a link to our awesome Toastmasters club.

Client Engagements

We had some fruitful renewal appointments, where we identified areas where clients needed assistance. Additionally, we invited clients and prospects to upcoming networking events, with the possibilities of expanding connections and opportunities.

New Business Appointments

We secured some promising new business appointments with landscapers, real estate offices, janitorial, trucking, and various other industries. Despite a slight dip in our cold marketing drops and phone calls, we stayed productive and engaged.

Embracing a 10x Mindset

Recently, I’ve been inspired by the book “10x is Easier than 2x” by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy. It’s a paradigm shift from aiming for incremental growth to pursuing exponential progress. I’ve realized the importance of delegating tasks and focusing on strategic thinking to propel our agency forward.  It’s who I become in this journey, which is really exciting!

Gratitude and Optimism

Amidst the challenges and reflections, I’m grateful for the referrals, renewals, and new business opportunities that continue to come our way. And most importantly, I’m thankful for the insights gained from embracing a 10x mindset.

Here’s to growth, gratitude, and the journey ahead at Ochsner Insurance.

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