1 Take, Jeremy’s Journal: Dumpster Fires and Wins for the week ending 5/10/24

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Hey everyone, it’s Jeremy from Ochsner Insurance, here with another edition of Jeremy’s Journal, the one-take update for the week ending May 10th.

Weekly Summary:

  • It’s been an exhausting week with the current market conditions making personal lines feel like a “dumpster fire.” But, despite the challenges, we’re punching back and staying resilient.

Wins and Challenges:

  • While we didn’t write as much premium as we hoped, we helped a new business get insured and ready to open their jiu-jitsu gym. Networking played a key role in this success, highlighting the importance of events like Breakthrough Network.
  • Made prospecting phone calls and identified our ideal prospects, focusing on genuine engagement without manipulation. This authentic approach keeps doors open for future opportunities. Shout out to Josh Braun!
  • Faced significant challenges with personal lines carriers, dealing with non-renewals and increased restrictions. The lack of responsiveness and clarity from carriers has been frustrating, making it difficult to serve our clients efficiently.

Carrier Frustrations:

  • Personal lines carriers have tightened their criteria, leading to longer call times and increased administrative burdens. The inconsistency and reluctance to cover various properties are creating additional hurdles for us and our clients.
  • To the carriers pulling these tactics: Please be transparent about your intentions and work towards practical solutions instead of leaving agents and clients in the lurch.

Progress and Positivity:

  • Despite the hurdles, we made progress on several fronts, including invoicing and billing. Special thanks to our referral partners for their continued support and patience as we navigate these challenges.
  • Continued to listen to insightful podcasts and materials like “Who Not How” by Dan Sullivan, helping us identify and address our staffing and process needs.

Looking Ahead:

  • We’re committed to delivering excellence and bringing as much value as possible to our clients. Even if we don’t write your insurance, we aim to leave you better than we found you, perhaps even with a dad joke.

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Jeremy’s Journal. Here’s to your success!

Best regards, Jeremy Ochsner

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