1 Take, Jeremy’s Journal: The Highlights & Challenges of the week…

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Hey there, it’s Jeremy Ochsner with another unfiltered edition of Jeremy’s Journal, bringing you the highlights from Ochsner Insurance for the week ending April 12th.

Revenue and Activities:

  • We saw some solid revenue come in and had a flurry of quotes to handle, keeping us busy throughout the week.
  • Unfortunately, we didn’t execute any marketing drops due to the pressing demands of quoting, addressing claims issues, and managing renewals.
  • Revisiting “10x is Greater than 2x” for the second time, I found renewed inspiration in chapters 2, 3, and 4. This mindset reinforces the importance of focusing on tasks that align with growth and personal strengths.

Hiring Plans:

  • It’s become clear that our agency needs an experienced account manager who excels in people skills, attention to detail, insurance knowledge, and sales. This addition will better position us to handle the influx of smaller commercial clients effectively.
  • While marketing drops were put on hold, we explored potential candidates for the account manager role and are excited about the prospects.

Networking Opportunities:

  • Engaging with high-caliber individuals at networking events reaffirmed our commitment to working with quality people and bringing value to others.
  • Conversations with business owners highlighted opportunities for us to provide risk management solutions, particularly in reducing experience mods and improving insurance plans.

Referral Partnerships and Gratitude:

  • We’ve begun forming referral partnerships with other agents specializing in personal lines insurance, allowing us to refer clients whose needs may be better served elsewhere.
  • Grateful for the referrals we continue to receive and the trust our clients place in us to provide quality insurance solutions.

Personal Highlights:

  • Celebrated a significant family birthday over the weekend, enjoying a well-deserved break and quality time with loved ones.  We were able to visit with the family members and enjoy quality time.  It was a really special weekend.

Looking Ahead:

As we move into the next week, we remain focused on growth, excellence, value, and serving our clients with dedication and expertise.

Here’s to your success, and I’ll catch you next week for another edition of Jeremy’s Journal.

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