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Hey everyone, it’s Jeremy from Ochsner Insurance, back with your one-take update for the week ending May 3rd. This week marks the beginning of our third year as an independent agency, and I just want to express our gratitude to all who have trusted us with their insurance needs.

Summary of the Week:

This week was all about learning and reflection. While we brought in some revenue, it became apparent that our current approach is not sustainable. We realized the importance of sticking to our ideal prospects, particularly in the face of challenges like the hard insurance market and limited bandwidth.

Focus on Commercial Lines:

Given the challenges in the personal lines sector, we’re shifting our focus more towards commercial lines. We’ll still handle some personal lines business, but only within specific parameters that align with our capacity and ideal client profile.

Capacity and Ideal Prospects:

Learning that our capacity is limited, we’ve decided to prioritize clients who fit our ideal prospect profile. We’ve set clear criteria for new business opportunities, aiming for a minimum level of sales and specific industries where we can add the most value.

Client Service and Administration:

We spent significant time on invoicing and billing, ensuring that our clients and carriers are taken care of. Special thanks to my wife for her assistance in managing this aspect of our business.  Friday was a joy to work with her and solve these complex problems.

Reflections and Moving Forward:

This journey as an independent agency is challenging but rewarding. We’re grateful for the support of our clients and remain committed to providing value and making informed decisions. We’ll continue learning and listening to podcasts and reading books like “10X is Easier than 2X” to enhance our knowledge and service. Read is a must to help continue the growth trajectory that we’re on.

Sales Philosophy:

Sales, for us, is about helping people make decisions that improve their lives, not just pushing a product. We’ll stay true to this philosophy as we navigate the complexities of the insurance industry. How, one might ask? We will ask questions around our value proposition to the ideal prospects. Their answers determine the engagement, not whether we can convince them to meet with us!

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Jeremy’s Journal. Here’s to your success!

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