1 Take, Jeremy’s Journal Volume 13: Week in Review

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Hey there, it’s Jeremy Ochsner with another edition of Jeremy’s Journal, the one-take update from our scratch independent insurance agency. Spring is in the air, although Reno weather can be unpredictable. Let’s dive into the highlights of the past week.

Production and Activities:

  • The 4-5 window has seen significant improvement, with nearly five tasks completed per day on average. This is a big leap from zero previously.
  • Cold marketing drops faced some challenges due to urgent matters requiring attention. Despite this setback, we remained proactive with prospecting phone calls and appointment scheduling.
  • We maintained a strong presence on social media, generating quality posts that garnered engagement from new audiences.
  • Our efforts resulted in 8 new prospect meetings, 11 new quotes generated, and two new referral partner meetings.
  • New business appointments ranged from commercial janitors to trucking companies, each with passionate owners committed to excellence and safety.
  • We encountered unique challenges, such as securing liquor liability coverage for clients facing restrictions based on sales percentages.
  • While our premium intake needs improvement, we’re optimistic about prospecting ideal clients in the coming week.
  • We explored new technologies but concluded that some may not align with our agency’s needs after consulting with prospects and clients.  We are continuing to review new technology by polling current clients and prospects.

Embracing the 10x Mindset:

  • Inspired by “10x is Easier than 2x” by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy, we’re shifting our focus from linear to exponential growth.
  • The 80-20 principle guides us in identifying and eliminating tasks that don’t align with our strengths or revenue-generating potential.  These tasks are then passed along to those who enjoy completing them.
  • We’re setting ambitious goals (10x) and seeking coaching to elevate our skills and capabilities to match the scale of our aspirations.

Closing Thoughts:

Here’s to your success and ours as we continue to evolve, grow, and serve our clients with passion and dedication. Let’s embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead as we strive for excellence in all endeavors.

Until next time, Jeremy Ochsner

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