Can you lower your Worker’s Comp premium?

The Mod Factor Audit is the only tool you have to control your workers compensation premiums.

Five Reasons Why An Audit is Necessary to lower your workers comp premiums!

Do you know your Experience Modification Factor? Do you know if an incorrect factor is costing you money and if so, how much?

With an Experience Modification Rate Audit you will:

  1. See how much you are overspending on Workers’ Comp insurance premiums
  2. Validate the accuracy of your mod – most mods contain invalid data that is costing your company money.
  3. Break down claims data and make it easy to understand
  4. Receive a detailed report and action steps for how to fix your problem areas
  5. Benchmark your performance against your peers (in your home state and nationally).

There is no reason you shouldn’t get an EMR audit. It’s FREE!!!

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Mod Factor Audit


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