Family, Flexibility, and Building Strong Foundations: A Week at Ochsner Insurance

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Hello, readers! Welcome to the 2024 edition of the Ochsner Insurance One Take Journal for the week 1/15/2024-1/19/2024. I’m Jeremy, and I’m here to share our experiences from the second week of January. This week was not only about business but also about family, flexibility, and the core values that drive Ochsner Insurance.

A Slow Start and a Unique Challenge:

Our first week started off slowly, with a few calls, appointments, and referrals. However, the second week brought a unique challenge for me. My wife was on a cruise with her mother, leaving me to take on more parenting responsibilities than usual. As a result, our call numbers dropped, but surprisingly, we still managed to write about $6000 worth of premium. While I juggled work and parenting duties, I learned some valuable lessons.

The Importance of Building Relationships:

One of the key aspects of my work involves building relationships with referral partners. I have a board on my office wall to track my progress of the things that matter in my business.   The board reminds me of the essential tasks, including making phone calls, marketing drops, building referral partner relationships, quoting insurance, and setting up appointments. Despite the challenges, I made some significant new contacts during this time.

Focusing on the Why:

It’s easy to get caught up in goals and feel disappointed when you fall short. However, during this challenging week, I was reminded of why Ochsner Insurance exists – it’s all about family. Providing income and time freedom for my family is at the core of our agency’s mission. This realization shifted my perspective and helped me stay motivated.

Balancing Work and Family:

Family is one of our core values at Ochsner Insurance, and this week underscored its significance. As I balanced my responsibilities at work and at home, I realized the importance of having a strong team. We had an outstanding Customer Service Representative who could step in during emergencies, ensuring that Ochsner Insurance continued to run smoothly even when I was out.

Family Atmosphere for Clients:

Our commitment to family extends to our clients as well. We want them to experience a family-like atmosphere where we take care of them as part of the Ochsner Insurance family. This week served as a reminder of our core values and our dedication to both our own families and our clients.


In the second week of January 2024, Ochsner Insurance faced challenges, but we emerged stronger and more focused on our mission. Family, flexibility, and building a strong team are at the heart of our success. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients and achieving success together. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and here’s to your business and your success!

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