Jeremy’s Journal, 1-Take: Finding Balance and Moving Forward: A Week in the Life of an Independent Insurance Agency

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Hey, what’s up? It’s Jeremy from Ochsner Insurance with your one-take Jeremy’s Journal for the week ending June 14th. This week was all about reminding ourselves why we do what we do and making strides in both our processes and client interactions.

Learning from the Pros

The week kicked off with some valuable insights from an industry veteran who showed us how to effectively use Agency Zoom’s service center for renewals and other processes. It was mind-blowing and a bit overwhelming, but it reinforced the importance of diving into new tools and making them work for us. Shoutout to Ciara for helping us establish a naming convention for files—this will help standardize our processes and make file management much smoother.

Marketing Efforts and Client Needs

We did a marketing drop on a significant account, which turned out well. However, we realized that the volume of marketing drops needs to increase to sustain our business. The drop highlighted a client with a high experience mod who could benefit greatly from our services in workers’ compensation management and risk management. While we can’t control whether they engage with us, we put out a good work product and had a productive conversation, which is a win in itself.

Personal Highlights

On a personal note, I attended my daughter’s dance recital, which was a wonderful break from work. It’s important to make time for family and enjoy these special moments.

Community Engagement

We also supported a new location opening for Dutch Bros in Sparks with a ribbon-cutting event, showing our commitment to local businesses.  We also had a meeting with a person at the Chamber of how we can engage more with the Chamber of Commerce.  The fruit of this conversation will come in the future.  Additionally, we made some website edits to improve client interactions, thanks to our fantastic web development team at Advisor Evolved.

Looking Ahead

Next week will be a short one, but we’ll keep pushing forward. Why a short week?  We are going to Producers in Paradise conference in Key West, our only insurance conference of the year! #CBK  We are looking forward to connecting with other insurance professionals and vendors. We’re gearing up for the arrival of our virtual employee around July 15th, and we’re excited about the potential this will bring.

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Jeremy’s Journal. Until next time, here’s to your success!

Best regards, Jeremy Ochsner

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