Jeremy’s Journal, 1 Take, V51724: Resilience and Adaptation in the Face of Challenges

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Hey everyone, it’s Jeremy Ochsner with another one-take edition of Jeremy’s Journal for the week ending May 17th. Let’s dive into the highlights and insights from this week.

Gratitude and Reflection:

  • We’re grateful for our clients, the products we offer, and the service work we do. However, this week has been a mixed bag, with extreme frustration due to the lack of cold marketing drops and new business phone calls.
Personal Insurance: Do you have enough Life Insurance for your family?

Challenges with Personal Lines:

  • The current personal lines market is tough. We had some referrals, but placing insurance has been challenging due to carrier restrictions on property and auto coverages. We have a tone of middle of the road, awesome personal lines business.  Carriers are shying away from that, and frankly, most any type of personal lines business.  We have seen an uptake in Condo acceptance and reduction in down payment amounts, which is great news!

Epiphany and Action Steps:

  • Amidst the frustration, I had a moment of clarity: We need to start offloading tasks, a consistent theme over the past few months. This additional realization came after listening to the Scratch Agency podcast (shoutout to Stephen and Sean). They discussed processes and the importance of sorting and prioritizing email inboxes and customer data entry.
  • On Thursday, after a business accountability meeting and Toastmasters, I downloaded Dan Martell’s book “Buy Back Your Time” on Audible and started listening. Some of his ideas overlap with concepts from “10x is Easier than 2x,” which was fascinating.  Now it’s time to apply what I’m learning and create processes for duplication and scalability.

Strategizing with Coaching:

  • On Friday, during a coaching call, we discussed the possibility of hiring a virtual assistant. The question arose: Should we get one who books appointments (a booker) or one who handles data entry (an enterer, LOL)? Or could we get both?
  • The coaching session provided valuable insights into setting realistic expectations for onboarding and utilizing virtual assistants effectively (shoutout to David Carothers for his guidance).

Positive Outlook Despite Frustrations:

  • Despite the week’s challenges, surrounding myself with the right people and seeking advice has been immensely beneficial. We’re receiving referrals, generating leads through our website, and our ideal prospects are out there.

Next Steps:

  • Now, it’s time to execute. With the insights gained from coaching and podcasts, we’re poised to make significant strides.

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Jeremy’s Journal. Shoutouts to Dan Martell, the Scratch Agency Podcast, David Carothers, and Michael Sweazy for their inspiration and support.

Here’s to your success!

Best regards, Jeremy Ochsner

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