Jeremy’s One-Take Journal: Celebrating Wins, Community, and Growth Opportunities

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Hey everyone, Jeremy here with my one-take journal for the week ending February 23rd. What a week it’s been – packed with successes, learnings, and plenty of excitement.

Celebrating Successes:

Let’s start with some fantastic news – we closed out the week with over $28,000 in new premium! It’s incredibly rewarding to see our hard work paying off and to know that businesses are trusting us to protect their interests. Plus, we’ve surpassed $50,000 in premium for the month, setting the stage for continued growth.

Renewal Triumphs:

We’ve also had some renewal appointments this week. We are excited to share that the renewal quotes are back and we are scheduling the presentation appointments! It’s been inspiring to see the progress of one particular business, who’s renewing their insurance, that has more than doubled its sales in its first full year. Being able to support them in managing their risk and facilitating their growth is what we’re all about.

Reflections on Improvement:

While we’ve seen great success, there are always areas for improvement. This week, we’ve identified three key areas: calls, cold marketing drops, and content creation. We’ve noticed a drop-off in calls made and marketing efforts, so our focus moving forward will be on conducting thorough research before reaching out to prospects and ramping up our content output.

Learning and Growth:

In terms of personal development, I recently finished reading “Pure Desire” and “Who Not How.” The latter, in particular, resonated with me as it highlighted the power of community and collaboration. Being part of groups like Scratch Agency and Killing Commercial has provided invaluable support and encouragement, reminding me of the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals.

Community and Collaboration:

The highlight of the week was attending the Business After Hours event hosted by the Reno Sparks Chamber. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow business professionals, engage in meaningful conversations, and lay the groundwork for potential collaborations. Community and encouragement are at the heart of what we do, and events like these reaffirm the value of networking and building relationships.

Looking Ahead:

As we move into the next week, our focus will be on refining our approach to calls, marketing, and content creation. By prioritizing preparation and leveraging the power of community, we’re confident that we’ll continue to see growth and success.

Final Thoughts:

In closing, I want to encourage everyone to strive for excellence, persevere in the face of challenges, and embrace the support of your community. Together, we can achieve great things. Here’s to another week of progress and opportunity!

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