Jeremy’s Weekly Journal Vol. 6: Reflecting on Successes, Relationships and Growth

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Hey everyone, Jeremy here from Ochsner Insurance, back with another one-take journal for the week ending February 16th. Despite a brief interruption from a trucking company call, we’re diving right in to share the highlights of another fantastic week.

Premium Success:

First off, let’s celebrate some wins. This week, we brought in over $15,000 worth of premium, which is incredibly exciting. It’s gratifying to know that we’re helping businesses protect themselves and their employees while providing valuable insurance coverage.

Value-Added Services:

One initiative we’re particularly thrilled about is the implementation of our pre-injury management program. This program assists companies in accident and incident reporting, employee safety training, and establishing safety teams. It’s all about enhancing safety protocols and creating a culture of workplace safety – something our clients truly appreciate. Click here for an overview of our Pre-Injury Management program.

Building Relationships:

Our week was filled with productive appointments, including four referral partner meetings covering various aspects like payroll, ancillary benefits, and marketing. Building these relationships and being able to exchange business opportunities is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do.

The Power of Networking:

A prime example of the power of networking occurred when a client needed a home inspector outside of our usual service area. Through a quick call to a real estate agent contact in Las Vegas, we were able to connect our client with a reputable inspector. It’s a testament to the importance of who you know in the insurance industry and underscores the value of fostering relationships. Here’s a great upcoming event in Northern Nevada, Click here for details.

Phone Calls and Quotes:

We ramped up our outreach efforts this week, making over 12 phone calls and completing a total of 9 quotes. It’s heartening to see these efforts translate into potential premiums down the line, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients in this capacity.

Looking Ahead:

As we move into the next week, we’re excited about the prospects on the horizon. One key takeaway from this week is the reminder of the importance of relationships. By simply communicating our offerings and ideal client profile – businesses with sales ranging from five to ten million, with a minimum of five employees and five power units – we’re able to connect with potential clients across various verticals. What’s your ideal prospect? What value do you bring to your ideal prospect?

Gratitude and Anticipation:

In closing, I want to express my gratitude Gratitude to our clients, partners, and carriers who trust us to provide exceptional service and coverage. We’re looking forward to what the rest of February has in store, with more appointments, calls, and opportunities to help businesses thrive.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey. Here’s to another great week ahead!

Jeremy Ochsner

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