Property Insurance Details, please

Commercial Property Intake Form

Form to gather property information for property coverage

Full address of building, address, city, state and zip
What value do you want to insure the building to be rebuilt, the contents if you lost them and tools/equipment. Provide preferred deductible, if desired.
Does your building have fire sprinklers throughout?
When was the building built?
Roof Type- rolled, tar and pebble, etc. Age of the roof or last time it was replaced.
Please pick one Most are Frame or Joisted masonry Here’s a resource if you’re unsure:
How much is your suite if you don’t occupy the entire building? I have 18500 sq. ft.
Wiring/electrical, Plumbing, Heating or a/c heater unit or units
Location Address and Total number of buildings at each location-
Other Coverages
Let us know the name, address and if they’re a loss payee or Mortgagee, please.

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