Protecting Your Business, Your Employees, and Your Bottom Line: The Power of Risk Management

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Meet Jeremy Ochsner, the founder of Ochsner Insurance. In today’s ever-
changing business landscape, he has a crucial message for all business owners out
there: managing risk, ensuring employee safety, and saving money are not mutually
exclusive. In fact, they can go hand-in-hand to secure the future of your business. In this
blog post, we’ll delve into the importance of employee safety, share some valuable
insights, and highlight the remarkable story of a client who saved a staggering 80% on
their insurance plan.

The Imperative of Employee Safety:

In an era marked by economic challenges, labor shortages, and rising costs, business
owners face a myriad of obstacles. Yet, ensuring the safety and well-being of your
employees should always be a top priority. Jeremy starts by posing some essential
questions for business owners to consider:

  1. Light Duty Return to Work Program: Do you have a program in place to help
    injured employees return to work safely and promptly?
  2. MSDS Sheets and Accessible Information: Are your Material Safety Data
    Sheets readily available for employees to access, study, and learn from?
  3. Emergency Eyewash Stations: If your business deals with chemicals and fluids or any sort of fine particles, do you have eyewash stations to ensure swift treatment in case of chemical exposure?
  4. Exit Signs and Machine Guarding: Are your exit signs well-illuminated and
    emergency-ready? Have they been regularly tested? And are your machines
    adequately guarded to prevent accidents?

Building a Culture of Safety

Jeremy emphasizes that it’s not enough to say you care about your employees; you
must demonstrate it through action. Building a culture of safety within your organization
involves providing training and making safety resources accessible. This not only
protects your employees but also shows that their well-being is a genuine concern.
A Story of Significant Savings:
One remarkable example Jeremy shares is a client who had their workers’
compensation policy audited. Upon review, it became evident that the policy was not
written correctly. The business had incorrect classifications and excessive payroll data
that didn’t align with the reality of their operations.
The result? A staggering 80% in savings.
Jeremy acknowledges that such dramatic savings may not occur with every insurance
review, but the message is clear: when was the last time you reviewed your insurance
plan? There could be risks lurking in the shadows that you’re not even aware of, and a
simple review could lead to substantial savings.

Adding Value to Your Business:

In conclusion, Jeremy underscores the importance of a safe workplace and a culture of
safety. It not only adds value to your employees but also to your clients and customers.
Happy, safe employees are more likely to stay with your company, reducing turnover
costs. And don’t forget the potential for cost savings – because who doesn’t want a little
extra money in their pocket?
The message is clear: protecting your business and your employees can
also be a smart financial move. So, why wait? Schedule an appointment with a risk
management advisor today and discover how you can enhance your business’s safety,
its value, and potentially your savings.

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In a world full of uncertainties, a commitment to safety and risk management is a
surefire way to ensure your business not only survives but thrives. Remember, it’s not
just about managing risks; it’s about seizing opportunities for growth and financial

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