Walk To End Alzheimer’s– Because It’s Personal

Over 6 million Americans are currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but the far-reaching effects of this disease cannot simply be measured by this statistic alone. Alongside the diagnosed, are their families and loved ones navigating this disease with them, taking care of them, completing tasks they can no longer do themselves, and remembering the things they can no longer recall. While most people know this disease by its effects on memory, its lesser-known symptoms also can include an overall decrease in cognitive function, loss of motor skills, and personality changes. It comes as no surprise, then, that when this disease comes close to home– by affecting a family member or friend–there are lots of accompanying feelings. At Ochsner Insurance, we understand those feelings because for us, it’s personal.

This October, our company is participating in The Walk to End Alzheimer’s on behalf of our founder Jeremy Ochsner’s father Dan, who was diagnosed 2 years ago with Alzheimer’s. It’s a personal matter for this company because of Dan and also his father before him who passed away from Alzheimer’s. When there’s an issue this near to home, taking action is a comfort and a necessity. This is why the Walk to End Alzheimer’s is an event we want to support.

Below pictured is Jeremy and his Grandfather John (left) and Jeremy and his Father Dan (right)

The walk is put on by the Alzheimer’s Association which is a non-profit committed to a variety of work furthering research and options for caring for those with Alzheimer’s. Their work includes:

  • Providing 24/7 support for those affected by Alzheimer’s on their helpline, which is staffed by experienced clinicians and specialists.
  • Providing online and in-person support groups
  • Providing access to research and studies
  • Pioneering research and funding over $360 million worth of projects that include:
    • Working to find a cure for Alzheimer’s
    • Research for preventive care
  • Raising awareness for the disease
  • Providing research and information on accurate diagnosing

The impact of this organization couldn’t be more direct, which has our company completely on board for the cause. Here is how you can get involved too:

We couldn’t be more thrilled that you took the time to read about something near and dear to our company. We appreciate your support, simply by becoming more aware of this disease and the organizations out there combating it.

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