#WCWBlast Vol 6: Risk Management: Understanding Attractive Nuisance for Residential Service Contractors

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Welcome to another Work Comp Wednesday Blast with Jeremy from Ochsner Insurance! Today, we’re tackling the concept of attractive nuisance, especially as it pertains to service contractors and businesses with valuable tools and equipment in commercial vehicles. Let’s dive in!

Defining Attractive Nuisance: Attractive nuisance refers to objects or conditions on a property that may attract trespassers or thieves.  In the context of service contractors, this often includes unsecured vehicles and the tools and equipment in the vehicles.

Risk Management Assessment: As a risk management advisor, it’s crucial to address potential risks associated with attractive nuisances. One of the primary concerns is the increased risk of theft due to vehicles and equipment being left unprotected.

Key Risks Associated with Attractive Nuisances

Theft: Unsecured vehicles and equipment are vulnerable to theft, especially in industrial areas where surveillance may be limited.

Vandalism: Without proper security measures, vehicles and equipment are at risk of being vandalized, resulting in costly repairs.

Liability: Improperly parked vehicles can create liability issues, particularly if they obstruct visibility and contribute to accidents.

Damage and Loss: Damage to vehicles and equipment not only results in repair costs but also potential loss of business if assets are rendered unusable.

Mitigating Risks

Implementing effective risk mitigation strategies is essential to minimize the impact of attractive nuisances. Some key measures include:

Secure Parking: Park vehicles and equipment behind secured fences or inside warehouses to deter theft and vandalism.

Surveillance: Install high-quality surveillance cameras to monitor the premises and deter trespassers.

Employee Training: Provide training to employees on safe driving practices and awareness of their surroundings, especially when entering or exiting secured areas.

Impact on Insurance Costs

Addressing attractive nuisances not only enhances safety but also reduces the likelihood of insurance claims. By implementing preventive measures, businesses can potentially lower their insurance costs in the long run.


Understanding and addressing attractive nuisances is crucial for service contractors to protect their assets, minimize risks, and maintain insurance affordability. By securing vehicles and equipment, businesses can mitigate the risk of theft, vandalism, liability issues, and associated costs.

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