#Cyber Monday Volume 6: Technology Companies and the data at risk

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Hi, this is Jeremy from Ochsner Insurance. Do you own a technology company? Are you the CISO in charge of information security for a tech company? You know this I don’t have to tell you. The bad guys are after your data, the personally identifiable data that you’re storing. So what are you doing to protect that? Because these days, cybersecurity and cyber insurance are a must for companies in the technology space.

Managed Services Providers or MSPs would be an example of a technology company.  Typically, managed services providers or MSPs provide technology and cyber security infrastructure and monitoring to businesses.  Software as a Service or SAAS companies, online sales organizations, chip manufacturers are additional examples of technology companies.  Cyber exposures differ by business type, for sure.  However, there are numerous similarities of cyber exposures from social engineering, invoice manipulation, ransomware, crypto jacking, and data breach. 

If you want more information on how cybersecurity and cyber insurance work together to protect your business, click here, for our in-depth cyber security presentation.  Or take it a step further by clicking here for a no obligation cyber threat assessment. 

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