Ochsner Insurance’s Independent Insurance Agency Journey: Reflecting on a Remarkable Year in 2023

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Hello everyone! Today, we’re taking a closer look at Ochsner Insurance’s eventful journey through 2023. Join us as we recap the significant developments and achievements of this independent insurance agency in their year in review.

A Strong Start

The year 2023 began with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm at Ochsner Insurance. The team was fired up and ready to make the most of the opportunities that lay ahead.

Navigating Mid-Year Changes

However, as they reached the middle of the year, Jeremy Ochsner and his team started noticing some aspects that needed attention. This prompted them to embark on a path of change, beginning around July 1st.

Pivotal Transformations

Two key changes took center stage. Firstly, they decided to reevaluate how they approached market access. This move was crucial as it determined the insurance companies they could work with and serve their clients better.

Secondly, Ochsner Insurance embarked on a quest to find a new agency management system. The agency management system is the “brain” that houses customer information, such as policy type, coverages, and property information. This system not only helps with efficient data handling but also enables them to provide online certificates of insurance to their clients, enhancing their service quality.

The Journey to Independence

Jeremy shared his deep-rooted faith in God and how he sought divine guidance during these transformative times. After extensive research and securing multiple appointments, Ochsner Insurance made a significant decision – to become an independent agency. This step meant they were no longer affiliated with any cluster or aggregator, granting them the freedom to tailor their services to their clients’ unique needs.

The Power of Exceptional Support

Jeremy underscored the importance of exceptional customer support. They ultimately chose Hawksoft as their agency management system, primarily because of the outstanding support they received from the Hawksoft team.

Expanding the Team

In 2023, Ochsner Insurance expanded its team by bringing on board a highly experienced Customer Service Representative (CSR). This addition played a pivotal role in enhancing their client services and overall efficiency, also allowing the producer to focus more on the sales processes.

Streamlining Operations

Simplification became a central theme. Ochsner Insurance streamlined their operations, focusing on maximizing the potential of their existing resources and assets. Their website, Advisor Evolved, played a crucial role in this strategy, and continues to be a tremendous asset for Ochsner Insurance.

Embracing Technology

The agency recognized the value of technology in their operations. Hawksoft became their trusted partner in streamlining data management, while online certificates of insurance made their services more accessible and convenient for clients.

Going Beyond Insurance

Ochsner Insurance introduced an HR platform that not only offered safety training but also access to HR experts. Some organizations are charged $1000 per month for the “ask the HR expert” service. This service benefited businesses by ensuring compliance and creating safer workplaces.

Cyber Webinar

Ochsner Insurance had their first webinar in Nov. 2023. This webinar focused on Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance. Check out the webinar by clicking here.

Anticipating 2024

As they entered 2024, Ochsner Insurance was brimming with optimism and determination. They set their sights on tripling their achievements from 2023, with a strong focus on refining their sales and service processes.

“Who, Not How” Philosophy

Jeremy mentioned a book called “Who, Not How,” which highlighted the importance of seeking experts to tackle challenges. This change in perspective had a profound impact on their approach to problem-solving. Instead of Jeremy concerning himself with the “how to do it”; he began finding others to do it. Those are the whos! Shout out to Michael Sweazy and YWAM Reno for recommending the book.

A Promising Future

Jeremy also shared some exciting news about his daughter joining the team to manage social media and video content, further bolstering their online presence.

In conclusion, Ochsner Insurance’s journey through 2023 was marked by growth, transformation, and learning. The agency made strategic decisions, embraced technology, and prioritized exceptional service. As they set their sights on an even brighter future in 2024, stay tuned for more updates from Ochsner Insurance, and remember that sometimes, finding the right “who” is just as important as knowing “how” to face challenges. Thank you for joining us on this insightful year in review!

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